Australian Tourism Location Aware Search

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ATDW is undergoing an exciting digital transformation, including a rebrand and revamped platform. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new name and enhanced features, offering new opportunities for API consumers. Learn more on our information pages tailored to your specific needs and embrace the future of tourism with us!

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Below is a list of features of the ATLAS web service. To find additional information for each of these please navigate to the 'API' section using the top menu.

  • RESTful interface to allow for easy an quick integration of ATDW data.
  • Full-text search of all ATDW data to return highly relevant product following a consumer request.
  • Geospatial searching of ATDW data. Search using latitude, longitude and radius
  • Polygon searching to allow products to be pulled from a very specific location.
  • Filtering to retrieve products from different categories such as Accommodation, Attractions, Destination Information
  • Filter by classification to find products of a specific type e.g. Hotels, Farm stays or resorts.
  • Search ATDW's attribute structure to find products with specific facilities such as a barbecue or find products with a specfic experience such as 'Wildlife' or 'Adventure'
  • As an alternative to geospatial searching you can search by location fields such as state, region, area and city.
  • Return information to support faceted searching.
  • Built in support for paging and ordering or results.
  • Find products most similar to a specific product to provide suggestions to consumers.
  • Return data in XML or JSON.
  • Support for searching and returning data in simplified and traditional Chinese.


The ATDW ATLAS API allows you to extract tourism information from the ATDW database. The database contains over 50,000 tourism related products across a variety of categories. The API allows for geospatial searching of the data and allows filtering using the ATDW content structure.

At a high level the content can be broken down into categories. These include Accommodation, Attractions, Destination Information, Events, Food & Drink, General Services, Hire, Information Service, Journey, Tours and Transport.

Each of these categories can also be split into sub classifications. As an example Accommodation has classifications for Hotel, Farm Stay, Resort and many more.

Each product has associated attributes to allow you to find products with specific criteria. There are hundreds of different attributes but as an example you may find products with a BBQ attribute or a CAMP attribute.

For further information please refer to the ATDW Content Structure