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ATDW has various tracking in place to collect the consumer behaviour statistics generated via the ATDW distribution channels.

The statistics collected are then passed onto the listing owners to showcase the value you as a distributor are providing their business.

ATDW licensed distributors are required to implement all the following tracking methods when integrating the ATDW API into their digital assets within 30 days of going live:

Information collected:

The above tracking methods allow ATDW to collect the following information from the distribution channels:

Data collected Description Example
ATDW Product ID Unique reference to the ATDW listing profile 5ca34f357ec52ec26f21920f
ATDW Distributor ID Unique reference to the licensed distributor organisation in ATDW sending the pixel information. 56b1eb9344feca3df2e320c6
Language ATDW translated content generating the pageviews Chinese Simplified
Syndication Method The distribution method used by the ATDW distributors to showcase the content API
Origin The source sending the pixel request to the ATDW
Domain The domain of the source sending the pixel request google
IP address IP address of the visitor
Proxy IP list Alternate or forwarding IP addresses,
User agent Browser information Chrome

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