ATLAS API Release Notes

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01 August 2023 - Release (Patch 81)

  • Updates to QLD locations - Rename Atherton Area & Atherton Tablelands area to Tablelands area, Re-assign Maranoa area from Southern QLD Country region to Outback QLD region, Rename Sunshine Coast Hinterland area to Sunshine Coast area, Rename Western Country area to Western Downs area and Rename Whitsunday Islands to Whitsunday area.
  • Assign the Membership attribute - 'Hospitality NT' to the categories - Accommodation, Attraction, Tour, Hire, Transport, General Service and Event in addition to Food & Drink.
  • Fix the typo for the Accreditation attribute - NASSA Certified Organic to NASAA Certified Organic.

28 June 2023 - Release (Patch 80)

  • Add new Tourism Organisation attributes - QLD - Bundaberg Regional Council applicable to all categories.
  • Add new Membership attributes - Outdoors NSW & ACT (ONSWACT), Australian Outdoor Industry (AUOI) and Hospitality NT (HOSNT) applicable to all except Food & Drink categories.
  • Updates to QLD locations - Rename Fraser Coast to K'Gari and re-assign Somerset area from Brisbane region to Southern QLD Country.
  • Updates to SA locations - Add new location - Tonsley, SA 5042.
  • Updates to ACT locations - Add new location - Tennenet, ACT 2620, Mount Clear, ACT 2620, Namadgi National Park, ACT 2620.

22 May 2023 - Release (Patch 79)

  • Updates to QLD locations - Update Postcode for 18 Suburbs (Avoca Vale, Benarkin, Benarkin North, Blackbutt, etc.) to 4314.

26 April 2023 - Release (Patch 78)

  • Add new Tourism Organisation attributes - Visit Bathurst (NSW).
  • Add new Membership attributes - Dealer Membership by Indigenous Art Code to Attraction, Tour and Event categories.
  • Updates to NT locations - Update the correct postcode for Coolalinga from 0835 to 0839.
  • Updates to NSW locations - Add new Suburb/City - Sherwood, NSW 2474 (Lismore Area, North Coast Region).
  • Bug fixes to distribution widgets.

30 March 2023 - Release (Patch 77)

New Features
  • Introduce new fields to output Strive 4 Sustainability sub-scores by Ecotourism Australia in the Get Product API response.
  • Add new Tourism Organisation attributes - Visit Griffith (NSW) and Mudgee Region Tourism (NSW).
  • Add new Accreditation attributes to Destination Information category only - Eco Destination Certification by Ecotourism Australia , Sustainable Destination Certification by Ecotourism Australia.
  • Updates to QLD locations - Remove Cleveland from Brisbane region.
  • Updates to SA locations - Move Pelican Point from Mid Murray Council area & Murray River, Lakes and Coorong Region to District Council of Grant area & Limestone Coast region.
  • Fixed the distribution widget to return results for multiple region and classification filter

22 February 2023 - Release (Patch 76)

New Features
  • Introduce new fields to output Strive 4 Sustainability scorecard by Ecotourism in the Get Product API response.
  • Introduce 'service update date' in the Get Product and Get Service API response.
  • Add new Tourism Organisation attributes - Visit Shellharbour (NSW) and Mudgee Region Tourism (QLD).
  • Add new Accreditation attributes - ATEC Accessible & Inclusive Host, Sustainable Tourism Certification by Ecotourism Australia, Advanced Sustainable Tourism Certification by Ecotourism Australia.
  • Assign the Facility attributes - Electric Vehicle Charging Point to additional categories - Event, Hire, Transport and Tour Services.
  • Updates to NSW locations - add new Suburb/City - Warumbul, NSW 2233.
  • Updates to NT locations - Update Postcode for Nitmiluk National Park from 0850 to 0852.

14 December 2022 - Release (Patch 75)

  • Updates to SA locations – Mundoora has been removed from Clare Valley
  • Updates to TAS locations – Conara Junction has been renamed to Conara
  • Updates to NSW locations – Update postcode for Ku-ring-gai Chase from 2085 to 2084
  • Introduce a new Cuisine attribute – "Aboriginal" (Applicable to Food & Drinks category only)
  • Fixed an issue where adding duplicate &fl parameter was returning 404 error

26 October 2022 - Release (Patch 74)

  • Updates to SA locations – Update postcode for Suburb/City - Point Souttar from 5575 to 5577
  • Updates to QLD locations – add new Suburb/City – Mount Moffatt - 4465
  • Updates to NSW locations – add new Suburb/City - Woodburn 2538 & other various updates to postcodes
  • Introduce Tourism Organisation attribute – click here to see the list of newly added attributes
  • Fixed the distribution widget to restrict postcode lookup to physical address only.

7 October 2022 - Release (Patch 73.2)

  • Reinstate the category ID value in the Search API response (field name: product category ID) when returning translations.

30 September 2022 - Release (Patch 73.1)

  • Reinstate the redundant Search API request for English content (&mv=English). Note: The default/fallback language is English.

28 September 2022 - Release (Patch 73)

  • Search API response returns translations (if exists) for the short description, category and attributes with the exception to accessibility attributes (e.g., &fl=short_description&mv=JAPANESE).
  • Return event frequency (Date & Time) in the Search API response when requesting redundant fields (&fl=event_frequency,start_date,end_date).
  • Introduce new Tourism Organisation attributes - Destination Southern Tasmania Essential Member (RTODSTEM), Destination Southern Tasmania Premium Member (RTODSTPM) and Destination Souther Tasmania Ultimate Member (RTODSTUM).
  • Removed Tourism Organisation attributes - Destination Southern Tasmania Bronze Membership (RTODSTB), Destination Southern Tasmania Gold Membership (RTODSTG), Destination Southern Tasmania Platinum Membership (RTODSTP), Destination Southern Tasmania Silver Membership (RTODSTS).
  • Removed Accreditation attribute - 'Accessibility Certification' (id: ACCESSCERT) which is unrelated to tourism experiences.
  • Fixed the distribution widget to load results when filtering multiple postcodes.

1 September 2022 - Release (Patch 72)

New Features
  • Introduce new field list parameter to return expiry date in the search API response (&fl=atdw_expiry_date).
  • Introduce new field list parameter to return start and end time for Event category (&fl=event_frequency).
  • Introduce new General Service classifications - Boat Ramps, Recreation/Picnic Areas, BBQ Facilities, Gas Bottle Refills/Exchange, Long Vehicle/Caravan Parking.
  • Introduce alternate names field in the Get Product for Destination Information cateogry to allow dual-naming approach for capital cities using known Aboriginal name.
  • Introduce Accreditation attribute - Rainbow Tasmania Tourism Accreditation.
  • Introduce Tourism Organisation attribute - Granite Belt.
  • Updates to Wine Organisation attribute from Wines of Gippsland Incorporated to Wines Gippsland.
  • Updates to QLD location (adding a new Suburb - Gilberton, 4871).
  • Updates to VIC location (Assign Skipton from Goldfields to Great Ocean Road region).
  • Updates to WA location (rename Experience Perth region to Destination Perth).
  • Updates to NSW location (various updates and new suburb/city added).
  • Fixed JSON output error affecting few profiles.
  • Fixed the distribution widget to load the results without errors.

27 July 2022 - Release (Patch 71)

New Features
  • Rename Tourism Organisation attribute from "Scenic Rim Regional Council" to "QLD - Destination Scenic Rim"
  • Add new Tourism Organisation attribute "NSW - Orange360"
  • Add new Accreditation attribute - ATEC Indonesia Host, ATEC Muslim Host
  • Updates to QLD location by assigning Tamborine to Scenic Rim Area in addition to Logan City Area.
  • Removed duplicate/legacy service translations from the 'service comments' field within the Get Service API response.

29 June 2022 - Release (Patch 70)

New Features
  • Introduce new Job Vacancy feature. Please click here for more information.

25 May 2022 - Release (Patch 69)

New Features
  • Introduce service-level booking codes (API field: service external systems) returned by the Get Product and Get Service API applicable to Accommodation, Hire, Tour and Transport service(s)
  • Introduce new Search API parameter (&status) to filter the results based on the profile status (ACTIVE, INACTIVE, EXPIRED) applicable when using the Delta parameter (&delta)
  • Introduce new Search API parameter (&occurrence_start=YYYY-MM-DDD and &occurrence_end=YYYY-MM-DD) to filter results based on the next occurrence of the Event
  • Updates to QLD locations - remove duplicate Suburb/City - Pomona 2648
  • Updates to NT locations - add new Suburb/City - Connellan 0873
  • Updates to NSW locations - add new Suburb/City - Creel Bay 2627, Broughton Island 2324

26 April 2022 - Release (Patch 68)

  • Fixed duplicate profiles appearing in the Search API output.
  • Fixed Get Product API to return the content for 'comments' field within Opening Hours 'On Demand' type applicable to Attraction, Food & Drink, Hire, Information Service categories.
  • Fixed Get Service API to return the translations for service level Deals content.
  • Removed duplicate Accreditation attributes (India Host, Korea Host, Japan Host)

31 March 2022 - Release (Patch 67)

  • Fixed duplicate service description translation under 'service comment' field in the Get Service API output.

22 February 2022 - Release (Patch 66)

New Features
  • Updates to South Australia location structure. If using Area filter in SA, please review your product lists, or contact us for support.
  • Updates to locations data for the State - TAS, NSW and QLD
  • Updates to Get Product API response data to advise temporary closures within 'opening hours' section applicable for Attraction, Food & Drink, General Service and Hire categories.
  • Updates to static attributes API to return the available rate types
  • Added new Accreditation attribute - COVID Vaxx Practicing Business (applicable to all categories except Destination Information and Journey)
  • Added new Wine Organisation attribute - Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia (applicable to Food and Drink category)

9 December 2021 - Release (Patch 65)

New Features
  • Return service start location, end location, tour URL and service booking URL in the Get Product API response within each service object.
  • Introduce new field to return the NSW STRA Property ID applicable to Accommodation profiles in NSW only
  • Updated the description of Food & Drink classifications from "Breweries" to "Breweries and Distilleries". Click here for more details.
  • Add new Accreditation attributes – ‘Assisted Walking Qualified’, ‘Assisted Wheelchair User Qualified’, ‘Independent Wheelchair User Qualified’.
  • Add new Membership attribute – ‘The Accessible Group Pty Ltd’.
  • Updates to location data for the State - NSW

12 October 2021 - Release (Patch 64.1)

New Features

20 September 2021 - Release (Patch 64)

  • Fixed the code to prevent the listings with booking codes and GMB link to drop off from the Search API

7 September 2021 - Release (Patch 63)

  • Added new Accreditation attributes - 'Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification', 'State/Territory Bus Operators Accreditation', 'Korea Host'.
  • Added new Tourism Organisation attribute - 'New England High Country'.
  • Removed Indigenous Culture attribute - 'Discover Aboriginal Experiences' .
  • Updates to locations data for the State - QLD and NSW.
  • Fixed the code to return the Area/Region data in the API response irrespective of listing profile address contains postcode data or not.
  • Fixed the code to prevent the deal image from being removed when changes made to admin fields within the listing profile.
  • Fixed the code to prevent invalid event time data in the API response.

14 July 2021 - Release (Patch 62.4)

New Features
  • Google My Business (GMB) integration.

7 July 2021 - Release (Patch 62.3)

  • Hotfix for the Translations project to perform extra check on the order before triggering translations.

30 June 2021 - Release (Patch 62.2)

  • Disabled Zomato owned Restaurant content due to the agreement between ATDW and Zomato has concluded.

21 June 2021 - Release (Patch 62.1)

New Features
  • Machine Learning Translation Engine (MLTE) Implementation.

19 May 2021 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 62)

  • Added a new Tourism Organisation attribute – ‘SA – Clare Valley Tourism’
  • Updates to the locations data for NSW and VIC
  • Fixed the Search API endpoint to filter results based on Wine Prices and Wine Tasting
  • Fixed the Get Product API endpoint to return deal images
  • Fixed a bug to prevent invalid or duplicate time value for the Event dates in the API response.

2 March 2021 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 60)

New Features
  • Integration of Halliday Wine Ratings to ATDW listings returned within the 'product external system' field for each listings
  • Introduction of a new deal type and deal tag of 'Voucher'. Please click here for more information
  • Introduction of new Tour Service attributes of type 'Tour Format'
  • Add a new Membership attribute - 'Victorian Tourism Industry Council'

2 February 2021 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 59)

  • Implemented a new field list parameter (&fl=deal_type) to return the Deal Types in the Search API response
  • Search API query with null parameter values are gracefully ignored by the system and the results are returned based on the remaining valid parameters
  • Fixed the code to prevent breaking the JSON output when Google My Business link contains the domain ''

15 December 2020 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 58)

  • Updates to the locations data for QLD, NSW and VIC
  • Updates to TXA booking codes integrated with the ATDW listings. Click here to perform a lookup for listings with TXA booking codes

8 December 2020 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 57)

New Features
  • Introduction of Related Products in the Product API response.
  • Enable translations for free-text fields. For more information on fields applicable for translations, please click here.
  • Updates to Membership attributes. Please click here to view the latest Membership attributes.
  • Return Winery logo as the last item (sequence number) of the multimedia field in the Product API response.
  • Fixed product-level photos to return the meta-data (Alt Text, Caption, Copyright, Photographer) in the Product API response.
  • Fixed the updates to deal photos to reflect correctly in the Product API response.
  • Fixed attribute types endpoint to return only those attributes types applicable for the given category.
  • Fixed attributes API endpoint by removing the incorrect service type attribute - 'Tour'

27 October 2020 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 56)

  • Add new Accreditation attributes - "Zoo Aquarium Association Australasia" (ID: ZAA, category: Attraction) and "Southern Cross Certified Australia" (ID: SXC, category: Restaurant)
  • Rename Accreditation attribute from "COVID Ready by ATEC" to "ATEC COVID Ready/WTTC Safe Travels Stamp" (ID: COVIDREADY, category: All except Destination Information and Journey)
  • Rename the attribute description of the type - "Licensing" applicable to Food & Drink category
  • Remove the deprecated Search API filter that returns listings without the star ratings (&starrating=-1)
  • Sort the Search API results either ascending or descending order of "number of rooms".
  • Updates to location data for New South Wales
  • Removal of duplicate attributes from the system.
  • Fixed an issue where updates to deal images are reflected corretly in the Product API response.

29 September 2020 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 55)

New Features
  • Introduction of Winery Logo returned within Multimedia field in the Product API response (applicable to Food & Drink category and Winery classifications).
  • Improvements to the field list (&fl) parameter to return the fields - number of rooms, product attributes, accessibility attributes, short description and external system details in the Search API response
  • Updates to Wine Varieties attributes
  • Updates to Membership attributes

1 September 2020 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 54)

  • Implemented Google My Business link (optional) within the 'External Systems' field in the Product API response.
  • Implemented Shopping URL (optional) within the communications field in the Product API response applicable to Food and Drink, Accommodation, Attraction, Information Service and Hire categories.
  • Implemented Media Links (optional) field to all categories in addition to Destination Information in the Product API response.
  • Updates to location data for Western Australia

11 August 2020 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 53)

New Features
  • Introduction of mandatory image for the Deals & Offers in Product API response.
  • The new minimum image standards have been set to 1600 x 1200 pixels.
  • Introduction of the "on-demand" option for the opening hours in the Product API response applicable to Attraction, Food & Drink, Information Service and General Services.
  • Removal of duplicate attributes from the system.
  • Fixed the logic to return the correct product update timestamp for Event listings in the Product API response.

1 July 2020 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 52)

New Features
  • Fixed attribtues endpoint to return results for Deal Types

26 May 2020 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 51)

New Features
  • COVID Clean & COVID Ready programs Accreditation attributes added to Accreditation in various categories. Full details of these attributes and access to logos can be found under the Content Structure tab, COVID program accreditations.
  • Savannah Guides, ECOStar and Sustainable Tourism Accreditation attributes added to Accreditation in various categories.
  • Wine related Activities attributes added to Activities in various categories.
  • Locations hierarchy changes to move various suburbs from one area and region to another in NSW and VIC

28 April 2020 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 50)

  • Deals and Offers Tags added, see Deals Content page for details.
  • Updates to locations data in the East Coast Area within Tasmania.
  • Wine related Cuisine attributes added to Cuisine in FOODDRINK category.
  • Wine related Facilities attributes added to Facilities in various categories.
  • Wine related Membership attributes added to Membership in various categories.
  • Victorian Tourism Organisation attributes added to Tourism Organisation in various categories.

1 April 2020 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 49)

  • Introduction of new Cuisine attribute 'Coffee Roasters' within the 'external systems' of the Product API
  • Locations hierarchy changes to various TAS location Area associations and movement of various suburbs from one area and region to another in NSW and VIC
  • Minor fix in General Service category to return the multimedia field for those listings that contains videos without photos.

8 January 2020 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 47)

  • Minor fixes to Deal ID and Deal Flag to return the expected results in the API. For more information on Deals, please click here.
  • Removal of Tourism Council Australia - Membership attribute as it no longer exist.

10 December 2019 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 45)

New Features
  • Introduction of 'Deals and Offers' content. For more information please click here.

30 October 2019 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 44)

  • Fix applied to Search API to remove 'address line 3' from the response in accordance to the content standards.

25 September 2019 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 43)

New Features
  • Search API results can be sorted (&order=) based on the last updated timestamp. Users can also request (&fl=) to return the last updated timestamp in the Search API response.
  • Fix applied to Search API and Product API to return the correct 'next occurrence' date for the Event records in the response

27 August 2019 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 42)

New Features
  • Search API response now returns Area and Region data when specifying the Field List parameter - '&fl=address'

30 April 2019 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 38)

New Features
  • Attribute filter (&att) in the Search API now accepts both AND/OR condition. Click here to view an example.
  • Removal of duplicate service-level attributes like 'scenic drive', 'walk', etc.
  • Fixed incorrect date range for the Opening Hours seasonal period appearing in the Product API response

27 March 2019 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 37)

New Features
  • Introduction of two new social media fields 'Weibo' and 'WeChat' within the 'external systems' of the Product API
  • Rename the Membership attribute from 'Museums Australia' to 'Museum Galleries Australia'
  • Removal of Google Plus data from the API as a result of Google shutting down Google Plus accounts

16 December 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 34)


28 November 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 33)

  • Product API response will output the values for total number of rooms and sleeping capacity for the Accommodation property
  • Introduction of Area and Region data within the address field in the Search API response
  • State filter in the Search API will perform the search lookup for the given State name or State code within the product PHYSICAL address only i.e., POSTAL address will be excluded from search lookup.

30 October 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 32)


3 October 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 31)

  • Search API results can be filtered by all Accessibility attribtues. List of Accessibility attributes can be obtained using Attributes API with '&types=ACCESSIBILITY' as request parameter
  • Introducing Area data for the State of Victoria to ensure ATDW location structure is consistent nationwide.
  • Introducing Activity attributes for Tour Service. Attribute Type ID: 'SVC ACTIVITY'

4 September 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 30)

  • Locations hierarchy changes: Tablelands Area (area id: 69010701) and Mareeba Area (area id: 69000156) are now merged into Atherton Tablelands Area (area id: 69000156)

31 July 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 29)

  • Tags parameter in Search API request is no longer case sensitive. However, the value being user generated data remains case sensitive
  • Search API request for Tags can be specified either using Tags parameter (or) Attribute parameter
  • Rename 'Membership' attribute description from 'Caravan Industry Australia Limited' to 'Caravan Industry Association of Australia' (Attribute ID: 'CIA')
  • Rename 'Accreditation' attribute description from 'Caravan, RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia' to 'Caravan Holiday Parks Accreditation Program' (Attribute ID: 'CIAP')

26 June 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 28)

  • Removed inconsistent old XML nodes in Product API response
  • API response header displays the correct character encoding (UTF-16LE) of the content in response body
  • Fix applied for JSON response in Product API and Service API returning error 500 for affected listings following the accessibility changes last month
  • Static Attribute API call without a category filter applied will now return all attributes

30 May 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 27)

  • Accessibility attributes have been changed to accurately highlight the accessible facilities offered by the listing

15 May 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Hot-Fix)

  • Fixed random seeded search (&order=rand_seedvalue) so, the results are unique and sorted randomly during pagination. As a result, status codes no longer returns in response body and will be returned in the headers only.

1 May 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 26)

  • New parameters introduced to perform location-based search lookup within service-level locations and return high-level information of the listings
  • Introduce a new General Service Classification: 'Tourism Applications'

27 March 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 25)

  • Input parameters are no longer case sensitive for all endpoints
  • Remove service-level locations for Transport category as it is not applicable in the new Platform
  • Remove redundant fields from API response (Eg: temp, humidity, rainfall, etc.,)
  • ‘product site’ field in the Product API response will not return values for Hire category due to 'Depots' no longer being applicable

27 February 2018 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 24)

  • Product API will show Event Frequency dates in chronological order
  • Product API will show updated attribute description for phone data as 'primary' and 'seconday' phone
  • Added new attribute: 'Secure Parking' as a property facility (Entity Fac) type to Accommodation category
  • Chinese translations available for static data: Categories (Event, Hire, etc.,), Classifications (Markets, Cars, etc.,), Attribute Types (Activities, Membership, etc.,) and Attributes (Boating, Cafe, etc.,)

19 December 2017 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 22)

  • Product API will show the correct product update timestamp
  • Product API and Service API will show the description for Rate type attribute.
  • New XML nodes with correct naming convention are introduced in Product API to co-exists alongside inconsistent XML nodes

5 December 2017 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 21)

  • Photos in Service API now references the correct photo
  • Multimedia content description field implemented for images and docs in addition to video for Product API and Service API.
  • Introduction of new Search API parameter to filter results by organisation name and/or ID

31 October 2017 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 20)


3 October 2017 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 19)

  • Service API will show corresponding product pixel URL
  • Suburb/City names are updated to show in Proper Case
  • Distributors can search Events based on Event Frequency
  • Location search now performs a lookup for service-level locations in addition to product-level locations
  • Product API and Service API will show the correct price type (Indicative Prices)
  • All fields returned by Search API response is now included in Field List parameter

5 September 2017 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 18)

  • API dynamically serves Pixel URL in either HTTP or HTTPS depending on request received.
  • Tour service start location will output geocode if 'Tour start at organisation location' option is selected in the front-end.

1 August 2017 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 17)

  • Free entry flag not applicable for Food and Drink category and will be null in Product API response
  • Star rating attribute type ID and description renamed from 'Rating AAA' to 'STARRATING'
  • One of the accreditation attribute description renamed from 'Camping with Confidence' to 'Camp/Adventure Activity Accreditation Program'

28 June 2017 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 16)

New Features
  • Service API will now output Area and Regions for service 'Start' and 'End' locations within Tour and Journey category
  • Indexing has been enabled for all fields under Field List parameter including 'next_occurrence' field
  • Event dates in the past are cleared for expired Event records that are re-activated
  • Geocodes (lat/long) in API output is now generated based on all location field that contain values as opposed to geocoding to center of the State
  • API now supports phone number format for Island Territories

31 May 2017 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 15)

  • Product API now displays Free Attraction prices as True/False value
  • Service API now displays values (if exists) for service_rate_inclusions field applicable to Tour category only
  • Trial distributors on 'Lite' plan can now access Atlas API without 401 unauthorised error which occurs due to random selection of categories during registration process

25 April 2017 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 14)

New Features
  • Locations for Island territories added
  • Service API now returns translations in JSON
  • 'Media links' for Destination Information category now returned by Product API
  • Service API will not return service(s) of expired listings anymore unless '&expired=yes' parameter is specified in the request
  • Few Journey services not returned earlier are now returned by service API
  • Journey facilities removed from Product API as product level facilities are not collected anymore in ATDW-Online platform

28 March 2017 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 13)

New Features
  • Adding, removing, renaming locations

28 February 2017 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 12)

New Features
  • Implement Locations resource to view relationship between Areas, Regions and Suburbs
  • Improve ranking for keyword search function
  • Expired Events will no longer be returned by API

8 November 2016 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 8)

  • Delta search can be performed using time in addition to date
  • Missing products in region seach
  • Missing address line #2
  • Missing secondary phone number
  • Missing rate from and rate to
  • Missing attribute description for Child entry cost
  • Missing authored date for images
  • Inconsistent XML node name for check in time, check out time and international reach
  • Incorrect spelling for Instagram and Foursquare
  • Incorrect external system code for Google Play
  • Missing XML declaration containing version and encoding
  • Incorrect product category ID in service API
  • Missing booking URL in service API
  • Missing Tour Service start location if start location is organisation location
  • Missing Tour service end location
  • Attributes for disabled access is returned for Food and Drink (Restaurant) category

14 July 2016 - ATLAS2 Release (Patch 5)

New Features
  • Implement new field 'next occurrence' so distributors can know when an Event will next occur. Field can also be returned using &fl input parameter

Legacy ATLAS API Changes

11 March 2014 - ATLAS 3.0 Release

New Features
  • Batch product support in ATLAS
  • Implement GetCities method
  • Capture Business Intelligence data for Batch distributors
  • ATLAS | ProductSearch | Returning results in CHINESE fails when passing in &fl parameter
  • equivalent ATLAS call for the 'domestic' region call in ATWS

07 February 2014 - ATLAS 2.1 Release

New Feature
  • Atlas web service need to return EVENT 'End Date' and 'Status'
  • Cache Distributor api caller information but have real time access to widget api caller information

19 November 2013 - ATLAS 2.0 Release

  • Add version to identify release of ATLAS components.
  • Implement better validation on query search parameters
  • Ensure all existing unit tests in ATLAS are passing
  • Webservice Security Level created to limit searching by distributor key
  • API Call mapping with one ID Support in ATLAS webservice
  • Update ATLAS to handle Trial distributors required functionality
  • Improve attribute filter to apply an OR condition during product search
  • Events with start dates in the past are being returned
  • Product search does no support more than one state search

15 October 2013 - ATLAS 1.3.2 Release

  • Exception if product_classifications is passed in as fl parameter

19 September 2013 - ATLAS 1.3.1 Release

  • Product search patch to allow for multiple toursim organisations to be specified

05 July 2013 - ATLAS 1.3 Release

  • Search for specific Tours rather than Tour companies.
  • A field-list can now be specified to identify fields you would like to return in the output.
  • Improved region searching.
  • Flexible ordering of results

13 May 2013 - ATLAS 1.2 Release

  • Allow retrieval of states regions and areas through API.
  • Search summary now includes T-QUAL flag.
  • Fixes fixes relating to region searches.

20 March 2013 - ATLAS 1.1 Release

  • General performance improvements
  • Added new 'More Like Product' call for locating products which are most similar to a specific product.

8 February 2013 - ATLAS 1.0 Release

Initial release of ATLAS search