Delta Update

The batch product searching functionality is an extension of the existing product search functionality to cater for distributors that may want to download the ATDW product data to their own local database. Distributors that use ATDW product data in this way are known as Batch distributors. This functionality was supported in ATWS and has now been implemented in ATLAS version 3.0.0.

ATLAS2 API Online User Guide

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Quick Start

Get all listings that have been updated since 1 January 2022


Delta (&delta)

To obtain a list of changes that have occurred after a certain time and date you can use the 'delta' parameter.

A valid date format - [YYYY-MM-DD] or [YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss]
All products that are active and not expired
Retrieve all Accommodations from Queensland updated since 1 January 2022.

https://[host]/api/atlas/products?key=[key]&st=NSW&cats=ATTRACTION,RESTAURANT&delta=2022-07-01 14:00:00
Retrieve all Attraction and Food & Drink profiles from NSW updated since 1 July 2022 2 pm (timezone = AEST).

Status (&status)

To retrieve a list of specific status (Active, Inactive, Expired) changes that have occurred after a delta date.

The status parameter applies when the delta parameter is present in the API request.

Without the status and delta parameter, the Search endpoint (/products?) is designed to return ACTIVE profiles only.

  • &status=EXPIRED
  • &status=INACTIVE,EXPIRED (Comma separated value indicating AND condition)
By default, all status (Active, Inactive, Expired) will be returned
Retrieve all Expired accommodations from Queensland updated since 1 January 2022.

https://[host]/api/atlas/products?key=[key]&st=NSW&cats=ATTRACTION,RESTAURANT&delta=2022-07-01 14:00:00&status=INACTIVE,EXPIRED
Retrieve all Expired and Inactive attractions and food & drink profiles from NSW updated since 1 July 2022 2 pm (timezone = AEST).

Periodic query for updates

The distributor will periodically query for updates of products they are interested in so that they can download those changes to their local database. A new “delta” parameter has been introduced that will be used in conjunction with the original product search URL to retrieve only any updated products since the last time a distributor queried ATLAS. This approach is strongly recommended as distributors will only need to retrieve a small set of product information periodically.

Assuming that the distributor last requested product information at 9am on the 1 January 2022 then the periodic query would be:

The date format is yyyy-mm-dd. Optionally, if an hourly update is required the format is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.
The response from a delta parameter query has a new field ‘status’. This field can have one of three values

  • 1. ACTIVE: Is an active ATDW product whose details have been updated since the last delta date
  • 2. INACTIVE: This product has effectively been deleted from ATDW since the last delta date
  • 3. EXPIRED : products that have passed the date of validity as a product in ATDW since the last delta date

The default data set that is returned can be tailored to your needs by using the fl parameter (please refer to the Search query API guide)

For an ACTIVE ATDW product, if the supplied product details are not sufficient to be used by the distributor, they will further make a product call to get the full details of a product on a product id basis.

This will not be required for the other product status and should result in those products being removed or marked as unavailable in the distributors local database.