COVID Program Accreditations

ATDW have introduced new accreditation programs available for distributors to showcase tourism operators who are ready to open post COVID-19.

The programs are:

  • COVID Clean Practicing Business operated by the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC)
  • COVID Ready operated by Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC)
  • COVID Safe operated by State and Territory Government

Businesses verified as having completed the COVID program are flagged with one of the below accreditation attributes within the ATDW listings in all categories for distribution through your channels.

Attribute ID Attribute Description Attribute Type ID Attribute Type Description
COVIDCLEAN COVID Clean Practicing Business ACCREDITN Accreditation
COVIDREADY Covid Ready by ATEC ACCREDITN Accreditation
COVIDSAFE Covid Safe ACCREDITN Accreditation


Applicable categories (product-level only):

  1. Accommodation
  2. Attraction
  3. Event
  4. Food & Drink (ID: Restaurant)
  5. General Service
  6. Hire
  7. Information Services
  8. Tour
  9. Transport

How to filter ATDW listings having the COVID clean attributes:

To filter the listings having the COVID clean, COVID Ready or COVID Safe attributes, the format is same as the attribute search API call.

Product detail:

The listings flagged with COVID Clean or COVID Ready or COVID Safe attributes will be returned in the product detail (getProduct) API response. The data structure to return the attributes remains the same. Please see example below:

XML Output:

<product_attribute> <row> <attribute_type_id>ACCREDITN</attribute_type_id> <attribute_type_id_description>Accreditation</attribute_type_id_description> <attribute_id>COVIDCLEAN</attribute_id> <attribute_id_description>COVID Clean Practicing Business</attribute_id_description> </row> </product_attribute>
JSON Output: "attributes": [ { "attributeTypeId": "ACCREDITN", "attributeTypeIdDescription": "Accreditation", "attributeId": "COVIDCLEAN", "attributeIdDescription": "COVID Clean Practicing Business" } ]

Display of Logo:

ATDW suggest the display of the authorised COVID Clean and COVID Ready logos on business listings. These logos are available below:


The COVID Clean Practicing Business logo is for use by ATDW distributors on their digital channels. The logo is only to be applied alongside listings that have the COVID Clean Practicing Business Accreditation.

Logo files and brand guidelines can be downloaded by clicking the button below:



Logo to be provided.

Consumer Copy (as required)

If you require a consumer-focused summary of the ATIC COVID Clean program, please use the below copy:

COVID Clean Practising Business

These businesses undertake high hygiene standards to support stopping the spread of COVID19.

These business practices include:

  • Routine daily, weekly and monthly/annual cleaning procedures, in addition to their standard cleaning procedures
  • Additional staff training on how to clean, safe work practices
  • Additional staff polices focused on hygiene and safe work practices
  • Provision of customer information and expectations prior to entering into the business
  • Specific cleaning practices in the event a staff or customer is suspected of COVID19 contamination

Thank you for supporting the Australian Tourism Industry to get back on its feet.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the ATDW Distribution team on