Reviews and Ratings

ATDW stores unique identifiers of various Reviews and Ratings Platforms against the ATDW listings. This is to facilitate the display of reviews and ratings on the distributor websites.

To display the reviews and ratings on your website, you must first establish a Content API partner relationship with the provider of your choice to pull through the reviews and ratings content from the respective platform or use their widget.

The reviews and ratings providers currently supported through the ATDW include:

  • TripAdvisor

Individual integration and ATDW API details of each review and ratings provider is outlined below.


The TripAdvisor ID stored against a product is returned in the getProduct API response within the external system field:

TripAdvisor ID Sample XML Response TripAdvisor ID Sample JSON Response

To search for all the listings having a TripAdvisor ID, please use the below Search API call (Replace ‘KEY’ in the API call below with your distributor API key):

Examples of websites showcasing TripAdvisor ratings and reviews are:

Full information regarding the TripAdvisor Content API can be found here.

For further information please contact for support.