Release Notes

27 February 2018 - ATLAS2 Release

  • Product API will show Event Frequency dates in chronological order
  • Product API will show updated attribute description for phone data as 'primary' and 'seconday' phone
  • Added new attribute: 'Secure Parking' as a property facility (Entity Fac) type to Accommodation category
  • Chinese translations available for static data: Categories (Event, Hire, etc.,), Classifications (Markets, Cars, etc.,), Attribute Types (Activities, Membership, etc.,) and Attributes (Boating, Cafe, etc.,)

19 December 2017 - ATLAS2 Release


5 December 2017 - ATLAS2 Release

  • Photos in Service API now references the correct photo
  • Multimedia content description field implemented for images and docs in addition to video for Product API and Service API.
  • Introduction of new Search API parameter to filter results by organisation name and/or ID

31 October 2017 - ATLAS2 Release


3 October 2017 - ATLAS2 Release

  • Service API will show corresponding product pixel URL
  • Suburb/City names are updated to show in Proper Case
  • Distributors can search Events based on Event Frequency
  • Location search now performs a lookup for service-level locations in addition to product-level locations
  • Product API and Service API will show the correct price type (Indicative Prices)
  • All fields returned by Search API response is now included in Field List parameter

5 September 2017 - ATLAS2 Release

  • API dynamically serves Pixel URL in either HTTP or HTTPS depending on request received.
  • Tour service start location will output geocode if 'Tour start at organisation location' option is selected in the front-end.

1 August 2017 - ATLAS2 Release

  • Free entry flag not applicable for Food and Drink category and will be null in Product API response
  • Star rating attribute type ID and description renamed from 'Rating AAA' to 'STARRATING'
  • One of the accreditation attribute description renamed from 'Camping with Confidence' to 'Camp/Adventure Activity Accreditation Program'

28 June 2017 - ATLAS2 Release

New Features
  • Service API will now output Area and Regions for service 'Start' and 'End' locations within Tour and Journey category
  • Indexing has been enabled for all fields under Field List parameter including 'next_occurrence' field
  • Event dates in the past are cleared for expired Event records that are re-activated
  • Geocodes (lat/long) in API output is now generated based on all location field that contain values as opposed to geocoding to center of the State
  • API now supports phone number format for Island Territories

31 May 2017 - ATLAS2 Release

  • Product API now displays Free Attraction prices as True/False value
  • Service API now displays values (if exists) for service_rate_inclusions field applicable to Tour category only
  • Trial distributors on 'Lite' plan can now access Atlas API without 401 unauthorised error which occurs due to random selection of categories during registration process

25 April 2017 - ATLAS2 Release

New Features
  • Locations for Island territories added
  • Service API now returns translations in JSON
  • 'Media links' for Destination Information category now returned by Product API
  • Service API will not return service(s) of expired listings anymore unless '&expired=yes' parameter is specified in the request
  • Few Journey services not returned earlier are now returned by service API
  • Journey facilities removed from Product API as product level facilities are not collected anymore in ATDW-Online platform

28 March 2017 - ATLAS2 Release

New Features
  • Adding, removing, renaming locations

28 February 2017 - ATLAS2 Release

New Features
  • Implement Locations resource to view relationship between Areas, Regions and Suburbs
  • Improve ranking for keyword search function
  • Expired Events will no longer be returned by API

8 November 2016 - ATLAS2 Release

  • Delta search can be performed using time in addition to date
  • Missing products in region seach
  • Missing address line #2
  • Missing secondary phone number
  • Missing rate from and rate to
  • Missing attribute description for Child entry cost
  • Missing authored date for images
  • Inconsistent XML node name for check in time, check out time and international reach
  • Incorrect spelling for Instagram and Foursquare
  • Incorrect external system code for Google Play
  • Missing XML declaration containing version and encoding
  • Incorrect product category ID in service API
  • Missing booking URL in service API
  • Missing Tour Service start location if start location is organisation location
  • Missing Tour service end location
  • Attributes for disabled access is returned for Food and Drink (Restaurant) category

14 July 2016 - ATLAS2 Release

New Features
  • Implement new field 'next occurrence' so distributors can know when an Event will next occur. Field can also be returned using &fl input parameter

11 March 2014 - ATLAS 3.0 Release

New Features
  • Batch product support in ATLAS
  • Implement GetCities method
  • Capture Business Intelligence data for Batch distributors
  • ATLAS | ProductSearch | Returning results in CHINESE fails when passing in &fl parameter
  • equivalent ATLAS call for the 'domestic' region call in ATWS

07 February 2014 - ATLAS 2.1 Release

New Feature
  • Atlas web service need to return EVENT 'End Date' and 'Status'
  • Cache Distributor api caller information but have real time access to widget api caller information

19 November 2013 - ATLAS 2.0 Release

  • Add version to identify release of ATLAS components.
  • Implement better validation on query search parameters
  • Ensure all existing unit tests in ATLAS are passing
  • Webservice Security Level created to limit searching by distributor key
  • API Call mapping with one ID Support in ATLAS webservice
  • Update ATLAS to handle Trial distributors required functionality
  • Improve attribute filter to apply an OR condition during product search
  • Events with start dates in the past are being returned
  • Product search does no support more than one state search

15 October 2013 - ATLAS 1.3.2 Release

  • Exception if product_classifications is passed in as fl parameter

19 September 2013 - ATLAS 1.3.1 Release

  • Product search patch to allow for multiple toursim organisations to be specified

05 July 2013 - ATLAS 1.3 Release

  • Search for specific Tours rather than Tour companies.
  • A field-list can now be specified to identify fields you would like to return in the output.
  • Improved region searching.
  • Flexible ordering of results

13 May 2013 - ATLAS 1.2 Release

  • Allow retrieval of states regions and areas through API.
  • Search summary now includes T-QUAL flag.
  • Fixes fixes relating to region searches.

20 March 2013 - ATLAS 1.1 Release

  • General performance improvements
  • Added new 'More Like Product' call for locating products which are most similar to a specific product.

8 February 2013 - ATLAS 1.0 Release

Initial release of ATLAS search